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wildcats are red
corbins are bleu
this could be the start
of something new

this is beautiful

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Trying to make plans with your friends..
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Trying to make plans with your friends..

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this will always be my favorite teen wolf post

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They’re making a PlayStation Transformer - a PlayStation Optimus Prime, in fact - and yes, it actually does turn into a PS1 console. Takara Tomy will be releasing it next year in Japan.

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So I was playing with my rats today and..

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When I was 12 boys slid their hand up my thigh and slapped my butt. I smiled and took it because I didn’t know it was okay to say stop. I didn’t know that I could say no. So, when the principal calls telling me my daughter is suspended for punching a boy who wouldn’t stop touching her, I will cook her favorite meals. When she tells me how she cursed at the boy who wouldn’t move his hands off her knee even though she asked him to, I will smile and pull out her favorite movie to watch together. I will celebrate the fact that she accepts her body as her own and knows she has the right to say no. I never want my daughter to think her body belongs to men, because it is her own and my god should she be proud. I will teach her it’s more than okay to say stop, something I wish I had known when I was that age.
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I will reblog this until my fingers bleed

so true

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not sure why people don’t automatically say “shapeshifting” when asked what they want their superpower to be. you could become anyone you want. even fictional characters. anyone. cosplay would always be spot-on. dysphoria wouldn’t exist. perfection

rob a bank and disguise yourself as a stray pen lying on a shelf when the cops come

A pen with a shit ton of money lying next to it.

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